Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A New Chair, a New Chance

After a turbulent period in the direction and performance of the MDCDEC, we finally have a Chair who seems to be committed to have the party do what is necessary to fulfill the mission of the DEC. In general, the meeting last night was fairly organized, well attended, and surprisingly enough, leaders and attendees were able to speak without being rudely interrupted. We have long way to go, however.

Listening to the speakers, I could see that there are many members who want to participate and desire the best for the Party. Members that want to volunteer, candidates that want to be elected, leaders that want to do a good job and fulfill their respective obligations according to the position they hold, and many others, sitting on the sidelines, waiting to see what happens and if the new direction has any appeal for them to actively participate and contribute. Unless there is a real effort on the part of the leadership to listen to the membership, and acknowledge that they are listening, even when sometimes they may not agree with what they hear, this new administration and this new hope will go the way of previous efforts: nowhere.

To be a truly effective Organization, the MDCDEC needs to understand that to elect Democratic candidates to elective positions may be more a result of the DEC activities than a mission. There are many other activities we need to engage in, so that the result of electing our members becomes a real possibility. It is not just to elect candidates to public office. The objective of the DEC should be to help elect competent individuals who can express the democratic ideals of representative government convincingly and forcibly. Our candidates must be able show their unquestionable support for the ideas of economic prosperity for all, fair taxes for all, equal treatment under the law for everyone living in this country. Most of all, our candidates should be able to show their support for the idea that if you work hard and do your best, you will be successful in this country, because your efforts will not be blocked by anybody in power, for the wrong or for just personal reasons. These ideas when implemented, pave the way for a society with a strong middle class, and this strength provides the incentive to invest, it provides the purchasing power necessary to make the economy grow. The result is a higher standard of living for all people, and a more equitable society. We need to train our leaders as to the reason why they serve, and to educate our voters, as to whom they should vote for.

So now, members of the MDCDEC, it is the time to talk about a Vision for the party, commit to a Mission that embodies that Vision, and develop specific Strategies knowing exactly how, and when, those strategies will be implemented. Finally, we need to set up specific Goals and Objectives that can be quantitatively measured and evaluated in time, so that not all our efforts and activities will go to waste.

Now that we have a new office, and a new Chair, it is time for all of us to show a new ATTITUDE and a new way of THINKING. Will we be up for the task?

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  1. One thing to do in coming weeks is try to help the US Census. Everyone in the country must be counted to get fair representation and a fair share of distributed government money. Census forms will be mailed out on March 15 and must be returned by April 1. What can we do to help? As the Democratic Party and as individuals?